Choosing the Right Trek

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Our holidays are designed to be adventurous and are aimed at real travellers. To make the most of your trip, expect the unexpected. If you anticipate the continuation of a well-ordered home or office routine, you may find things frustrating. Most of our holidays do go as planned, but flight delays, strikes, inclement weather, snowfalls, rivers in flood and washed away footpaths do happen. They could result in changes to your itinerary. Our staff in Nepal and agents in India, Bhutan, Kenya, Tanzania and Morocco are trained to handle such eventualities, however unlikely they may be.

Choosing the right trek © Andy Norris

Remember too that adventure travel takes you to places where there may be inherent hazards, such as slippery footpaths and river crossings. Our staff will do their best to warn you of such hazards but cannot be held responsible as it must be understood that they are an accepted part of adventure travel.

khumbu © Andy Norris

When to Go

Optimum trekking months for most treks – March / May and October / November.
Trekking also possible in December to February and September.

Sikkim / West Bengal / Kumoan – optimum trekking months March to May and October / November. Trekking also possible December to February

Ladakh – optimum trekking months: June to September

Optimum trekking months: April to June and September / October

Toubkal trek – optimum trekking months: June to October

Desert & Mountains trek – optimum trekking months: February to May and September to December

Southern Desert trek – optimum trekking months: September to April

Optimum trekking months: December to March and June to October

Optimum trekking months: May to August, trekking also possible in April and September to December

Optimum trekking months: July to September, trekking also possible in June


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