Moroccan Extensions

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Merzouga Camels & Sahara extension (5 days) and Zagora Camels & Sahara extension (4 days)

Camel Trekking, Morocco

There can be few better ways to clear the mind and recharge the batteries than spending time in the desert, trekking with camels and lying out on a sand dune at night by your Berber campsite looking at the stars of the desert sky. Why not extend your trip to Morocco by treating yourself to a special time in the sand dunes of the Sahara, trekking with camels and watching the spectacle of the Saharan sunset and sunrise.

Essaouira Coastal extension (4 days)

Essaouira (Sheila West)

Detailed Itinerary

If you have time whilst in Morocco to extend your trip then you could do no better than to visit Essaouira. This seaside resort is only a 2 hour drive from Marrakesh and can be reached easily by public transport or by hired jeep. The resort has a fascinating history as a critical seaport but, more recently, was home to Jimi Hendrix and followers who enjoyed the laidback feel to the town – this relaxed atmosphere remains today. Enjoy the activities of the fishermen, the temptations of the fish market, the architecture and culture of the town or just relax on the beach. Don’t you think you’ve earned it?