Schools require a dependable, safe and experienced travel partner on whom they can rely to meet the needs of their expedition groups. Community Action Treks has developed a track record for ensuring that schools can travel to and from their destinations with confidence and enjoy their expeditions, either for the purpose of adventure and challenge or as part of their curriculum of studies. It is an integral part of the service we offer that these trekking groups learn about the traditions, geography and culture of the locality they are visiting. We have a thorough risk assessment approach which we work through in partnership with organizers of groups of younger people and are adept at customizing treks so that risks are reduced whilst still maintaining an acceptable level of challenge. We are also prepared, free of charge, to visit schools to discuss potential treks, undertake presentations and promote expeditions to interested parties such as parents, teachers, sponsors, governors, etc.

School expeditions

Nepal is a fascinating destination for students, and can build on geographical, geological and religious sections of the national curriculum that have been studied in the classroom. A 2-week trip in Nepal can fit into the Easter holidays, or a 10-day trip can be built around a half-term in February or October”. In Nepal, treks such as Bhara Pokhari, Annapurna Sanctuary and the Gompas and Sherpas of Everest appeal to school groups because of their accessibility and fund of cultural and geographical diversity.

The treks which appeal to schools because they can be undertaken outside of the academic year are:

Morocco – this has justifiably become an extremely popular destination for school groups and families. The cheap flights and short flying time belie the significant cultural difference between Morocco and Europe. Some of our trips can be fitted into a half-term, though it is very tempting to spend 2 weeks experiencing the country’s incredible diversity. Whether you want your trip to include the high mountains, coastal trekking or a desert experience in the almighty Sahara, Morocco is not to be missed.

Ladakh – The secluded Markha Valley is wedged between the Ladakh and Zanskar ranges, behind the Himalaya, to which it runs parallel. The wild and barren, yet hauntingly beautiful landscapes of this hidden land are often likened to Tibet – Ladhakh used to be known as ‘Little Tibet’ – and are every bit as dramatic and enticing.

East Africa – the challenge of a trek on either Mt Kenya or Mt Kilimanjaro is a wonderful opportunity to see unique flora and to witness first-hand the effects of glacial melt. Combine the trek with an optional safari extension for the ultimate biology fieldwork experience.

Peru – this country offers a wonderful chance to explore both wild environments and ancient Inca civilizations. Treks can be scheduled into summer breaks – particularly July and August – but it is important to plan your trip early because Inca Trail permits need to be booked well in advance. However we also offer a range of treks in Peru for which permits are not required, so please talk to us and we can guide you in the right direction.

India – We offer a choice of easy and more challenging treks in this eastern tea-growing region of the Himalaya, that is famed for its exotic bird life and wonderful flora. Superb views from the Singalila Ridge and the approach to the awesome east face of Kangchenjunga are highlights of the area.

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