Tibet is a fascinating and surprisingly beautiful destination. Homeland of the Dalai Lama, Potala Palace, the Bharkor and the Jokhang Temple, Tibet shares Mt Everest and many other Himalayan peaks with Nepal. The Dalai Lama has urged travellers to visit Tibet to witness for themselves this country of contrasts.

Tibet (Ann Foulkes)

All trips that fly into Lhasa involve arriving immediately at altitude, and time to acclimatise in the city is required before moving on. Fortunately there is plenty to see. Distances covered in Tibet can mean long days in landcruisers or jeeps. Visitors to Tibet need to be prepared to accept a different level of hospitality standards in the Chinese run hotels than they may have been used to in some of our other trekking destinations, and to accept that these are journeys of discovery rather than holidays. In our experience, the warmth of the welcome from the Tibetan monks and the stark beauty of Tibet more than make up for these inconveniences, and will make your visit unforgettable.

Treks in Tibet