Trekking Peaks

Trekking Peaks offer a realistic possibility for anyone who has longed to experience the flavour and challenge of a Himalayan mountaineering expedition without incurring the usual time and costs.

Trekking Peaks of Nepal

Our experienced climbing sirdars and sherpa teams are among the best in Nepal, and will ensure that your climb is a safe and enjoyable challenge and that you are properly acclimatised before embarking on your summit attempt.

Yala Peak and Pokalde are not technically difficult, but are classed as trekking peaks.

Island Peak, Lobuje East, Mera Peak and Teng Kongma all incur significant altitude and we advise that clients who participate in these treks are experienced trekkers who have been to altitude before.

For all these trips, experience of winter mountaineering skills is a requirement. The skills you may need should be second nature to you, rather than something that you are trying to learn whilst at altitude. We can advise on suitable winter skills courses.

All of these expeditions offer rewarding trekking, so if one or more of your party does not wish to climb the peak they can still take part in the trip.

If there is a group of you wishing to climb a trekking peak not advertised here, contact us for a quote.

Climbing Expeditions

Yala PeakDoug Scott, co-founder of Community Action Treks, is one of the UK’s most respected climbers. In 1975, he became the first Briton to climb Everest, going on to scale many other major Himalayan peaks, and has climbed extensively on every continent. Organising a climbing expedition requires expert knowledge, experience and proper planning. From the planning stage in the UK and sorting out of paperwork and permits to the logistics of getting to your base camp, we ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Backed up by our local staff, many of whom are themselves accomplished climbers, your expedition and summit attempt will be in good hands. Please ask for details of our climbing expedition service. We also offer a number of trekking peaks as part of our programme of brochure treks. Trekking peaks offer the chance to climb a peak as part of your trek. While some require previous experience, others can be undertaken by first timers, accompanied by members of our climbing Sherpa team.