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Charity treks

Bespoke treks for charity challenges and fundraisers


Why choose Community Action Treks for your charity trek?


Charity is at the heart of everything we do. As an organisation, a significant proportion of our profits are passed on to our chosen charity, Community Action Nepal.  The remainder of our profits are invested back in to the business to help us improve our services. We do not pay dividends to Directors or shareholders.


These funds provided to Community Action Nepal are used to support their many projects in the High Himalaya of Nepal, some of which can be visited during our treks (contact us for more information on this).

We can cater for charity groups of two people or more and,  upon request, we can organise treks for for groups as large as 40.


You'll find much more information below to help you if you work for a charity or you're organising a charity fundraising challenge.


We have adopted a Responsible Tourism policy to ensure good working conditions for our porters and other employees, so you can be sure that your trip is giving back to the local people and communities. To ensure our policy is carried out effectively, our treks are closely monitored and regularly evaluated.

CAT’s transparent pricing policy means that there are no hidden extras to our trips. Everything that is included in the price is clearly listed on your final itinerary.

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  • Contact us to express your interest and start exploring your ideas. We can discuss your requirements – type and length of trek, when and where you would like to go. We can be completely flexible on all these matters as we are not tied to our published brochure of treks.

  • We provide information about the trek to enable you to do your initial publicity launch.

  • CAT will give a presentation in your area to all interested and potential fundraisers to provide more information and answer any questions they may have.

  • We provide you with all the documentation needed including booking forms, insurance and medical forms, kit lists, visa advice etc.

  • You liaise directly with your fundraisers – particularly on matters of fundraising and payment schedules. We provide you with one point of contact with whom you liaise throughout the pre-trek process.

  • We can organise a training weekend – somewhere like the Lake District, Snowdonia, the Peak District or the Scottish Highlands – to help the group get to know each other, begin to bond, test out their fitness and have the opportunity to ask more questions of our knowledgeable staff.

  • We organise all elements of the trip – including internal flights, all accommodation and logistics in the destination. We can organise a celebration at the end of the trip and even some extra sight -seeing trips so your supporters can further explore their country of destination.


  1. Choose your Challenge:
    Browse through our exciting challenges and choose one that enables your to raise money for your chosen charity as well as taking you to new places – both metaphorically and in reality!

    This could be achieving a lifelong goal of seeing the highest mountain on the planet by trekking to Everest Base Camp or white water rafting down a Himalayan river!

  2. Contact your chosen charity:
    You will need to get authorisation from your chosen charity to fundraise on their behalf. You will also need to agree your fundraising target. If you are funding the cost of the trip yourself, your fundraising target can be whatever you believe you can raise – be optimistic! 

    Once you get started you will be surprised how enjoyable fundraising can be! If you want to fundraise to cover both the cost of your trip and the money that the charity receives – often referred to as the ‘minimum sponsorship’ arrangement – you will have to agree this with your charity. Always be clear with your supporters too - transparency is vital!

    The rules on the division of the total funds raised between the amount the charity receives and the amount that covers the cost of the trip is regulated but your chosen charity will be able to advise you on this.

  3. Return a completed booking form with £350 deposit:
    Contact us to request a charity booking form. Once you have sent us your non-returnable deposit you are well on your way to covering the costs of your trip.

    Unlike some charity trekking companies CAT does not charge a separate registration fee – the 'land-only price' quoted on your final itinerary is made up of this initial deposit plus the final balance - payable 8 weeks before departure.

    Payment can be made by cheque or by bank transfer. All the details you need will be on the booking form. We will send you a Registration Pack which will include further information about trekking, fitness training, insurance requirements, some tips on fundraising and much more. Our knowledgeable staff will be just a phone call or email away for all information about the trekking experience at every step of your way.

  4. Book your flight:
    Once the trip is confirmed, your flights can be booked (please wait for everything to be confirmed before booking flights). Our 'land-only prices' on your final itinerary are just what they say they are – we do not include international flight costs as these can fluctuate on a daily basis.

    If you would like us to arrange your flights for you, we will contact you to discuss the prices. 

  5. Start your fundraising:
    Your chosen charity will be able to offer lots of help and advice about how to go about your fundraising. They will keep in touch with you all along the way to ensure that you are successful in achieving your goal.

  6. Start your fitness training: You will have already received lots of ideas on how to go about getting fit for your challenge. You can also contact us for more advice on this or any other questions you may have about trekking, equipment etc. There may well be an opportunity for us to put you in touch with the other trekkers on your chosen challenge so that you can swap ideas and even arrange to meet up.

  7. Pay your final trip payment:
    8 weeks before you go the final trip balance payment is due to be paid. By this time you will have carried out most of your fundraising, you will be nearing your peak fitness, started thinking about what gear you will be packing and will be well on the way to being ready for your experience of a lifetime!

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