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Image by Sebastian Pena Lambarri
Choosing the right trek



Grading is always subjective, but we have taken the following into consideration when we graded our trips: altitude, speed of altitude gain, terrain, gradient of ascents and descents, length of trekking days and remoteness of the trek.

If you are interested in a particular grade of trek, please contact us and we will send you a full list of suitable treks. Alternatively, let us know your skill level, fitness level and desired length of trip and we will send you a personalised trek list.


Involves only a few days of trekking and is suitable for anyone in good health who enjoys walking. Low altitude and broad, well travelled trails are characteristic. Expect some stretches of ascent or descent.


Suitable for fit walkers used to full days in hilly or mountainous terrain. Such treks generally involve some steep stretches of ascent and descent. Altitude mostly below 4500m with not usually more than 1000m of ascent or descent in a day. Daily walking typically 5-7 hours.


Longer treks which may include more difficult terrain or longer trekking days, or may be more remote. May spend one or more days above 5000m. Suitable for regular mountain walkers.


Longer treks with steep ascents and descents and several days above 5000m. Trails may be rougher, and more time is spent in remote, uninhabited areas. Some days of walking may be 8 hours or more.


Challenging trekking with many days above 5000m crossing high passes and steep ascents and descents. Many of our trekking peaks are in this grade. Winter mountaineering skills required.

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